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There are lots of architecture photographs in the Internet, but those of Meergus are immediately remembered by a true cybernetic accuracy of composition – probably, it’s the influence of the parallel life of the photographer and programmer. After his compositions a gourmetspectator gets some aftertaste of Asher and Tenno Sooster, drawing, dreamlike deserted urbanistic landscapes of the artists professed “magic, metaphysical realism”.

One needn’t be hypnotized to follow the movement of a spinning top or to be ‘frozen’, troubling pedestrians, somewhere downtown, surrounded by gridded peaks of the skyscrapers. These are the architecture of aspiration to space, the epoch of the fantasy of a new world. The human, even after orbiting the planet, did not escape Earth’s gravity. The problem of overcoming the endless areas and dreams of the future found their physical implementation today only in the short epoch of glass buildings. This is a special, yet short period in world civilization that erases the borders of internal and external in architecture. Just like giants, we see worker bees inside the hives of modern cities; at the same time, the mirrored facades give us a celebration of reflections and glow, symbolizing a gate to a new world.

Does everyone who enters the glass jungles with a camera, photograph reflections of megalopolises? Many try, but not everyone is capable of converting the moment of the illusionary transfer of fluent reflections into an image that continues conveying the magic of transformations to the viewer. Meergus’ photographs preserve seconds of light oscillations, give us the feeling of involvement in the miracle, just as when we see the light of long extinct stars.

Yes, today, in the epoch of “Matrix” the aesthetics of puzzlelike accuracy does not amaze us as before, when it was hand-made, but there remains a respectful attitude to the author having in hands a digital camera (Meergus is a sincere adherent of digital tool) – a computer, as a matter of fact, sees the world through its “eyes” from his own – the author's – viewpoint.

Irina Chmyreva

A landmark A landmark
Neighborhood Neighborhood
The Trimmed Lamp The Trimmed Lamp
A colorful texture A colorful texture
An edge of a curtain An edge of a curtain
Office space Office space
A fragment with a tower and an optical illusion A fragment with a tower and an optical illusion
A manager A manager
En etude with metallic surfaces and a warning sky En etude with metallic surfaces and a warning sky
Another reflection Another reflection
A colorful texture again A colorful texture again
A fragment with colorful patches A fragment with colorful patches
Sunrise in the matrix Sunrise in the matrix
Wall #4 Wall #4
Poetry center Poetry center
Mixture (people waiting for the bus) Mixture (people waiting for the bus)
Chapel of St. Basil Chapel of St. Basil
Secret light Secret light

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